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Cold Sünner Nights!

starts: Apr 26, 2017 - 8:00pm

Cold Sünner Nights!
Every Wednesday & Thursday (March - April)
Sanctuary bar only / 1st floor only
21+ only

We can't 'wait for this summer, so we are bringing our famous Cologne-style kölsch service inside! (Hot Sünner Nights will make its come back in early May, outdoors in the gralegarten.)

About Cold Sünner Nights:
Treat yourself to the real taste of Cologne (Köln), Germany right here in Louisville, Kentucky! Sünner, the first brewer of “Kölsch” will be served in authentic “Kölsch Kranz” serving trays along with authentic 200ml (7oz) “Kölsch Stange”glassware to replicate the Cologne experience in the US. In Cologne, Kölsch is served in what is called “bottomless glasses”. As the customer drinks his or her beer down, servers (köbes) bring a fresh one to replace it without being asked. This continues until the happy beer drinker puts a coaster over their glass or somehow catches the servers attention to stop bringing beer. As each beer is served, a mark is made on the coaster. Each mark equals a single beer and this is what is used to calculate the beer bill. Of course, a secondary count is kept in the normal way, but this charming tradition is widely practiced in Cologne and we love it!

+ $2.50 per 7oz stange
+ $3 Underberg!

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La Trappe Koningsdag (King's Day) Party!

starts: Apr 27, 2017 - 8:00pm

La Trappe Koningsdag (King's Day) Party!
7 La Trappe beers on tap
take home a La Trappe mini-goblet
Taste the limited "Witte Trappist Mandarina Bavaria"
Get Dutch!!!
at Holy Grale
21+ only!

For the 50th birthday of the Netherland's King Willem-Alexander, also known as "Kings Day" or Koningsdag, La Trappe has created an exclusive, single-release brew - The Witte Trappist Mandarina Bavaria. This tropical take on the world’s first Trappist wheat beer has pleasant aromas of tangerine, orange, lemon and lime. La Trappe Witte’s clean, un-spiced profile showcases these flavors beautifully, with its smooth, slightly tart finish perfectly complementing the fruitiness of the hops.Bred at the Hop Research Institute in Hüll, the Mandarina Bavaria hop varietal displays fruitiness in finished beers, with distinctly pleasant stonefruit and citrus aromas.

To celebrate at Holy Grale we will be featuring the followng 7 La Trappe ales ON TAP:

La Trappe Witte Mandarina Bavaria
La Trappe Dubbel
La Trappe Triple
La Trappe Quadrupel
La Trappe Isid’or
La Trappe Bock
La Trappe Blonde

The first 60 customers will get to keep a La Trappe Mini-Goblet!
We we also have t-shirts and special kings day swag to give away.

About Koningsdag:
Since 1890, The Netherlands has celebrated the national holiday of “Queen’s Day” to mark the birthday of the current Dutch monarch. In 2013, Queen Beatrix abdicated her throne and was succeeded by her son Willem-Alexander. Due to this change in regal lineage, “Queen’s Day” is now celebrated as “King’s Day.” Referred to as Koningsdag in The Netherlands, it’s a day of rejoicing and revelry. Streets, houses and businesses are festooned with the trademark orange color of Holland, and stellar local beers flow freely. With Witte Trappist Mandarina Bavaria comes an invitation for people across the world to celebrate this favorite holiday

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